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Gradually you will see that all Pyra-line products we promote can be built DIY. We design products with simplicity and low tech so that we can be set free from the boundage and restriction of high tech. Once your own creativity has been inspired and set in fire, you will see the most energy efficient way of creating tools for yourself.

After PyraPOD, PyraLEV is another invention of Richard Nelson, a prolific Canadian inventor who loves nature and learn from nature. This innovation is based on traditional bicycles, just to make them much much better. The result is outstanding with the following features:

  • Use three wheels instead of two so that even a kid can drive it (you can start by making a tricycle to push your baby or kid around)
  • On the basis of bicycles, eletric driving mechanism is added to make it run up hill with ease
  • Aluminum alloy is suggested to use in building its structure so that the whole thing is light, sturdy and corrosion free
  • Front two wheels drive while the third wheel at the back follows passively, making it easy to turn by utilizing speed differential in the two front wheels
  • For highspeed turning, PyraCAR tilts automatically inwardly for easy balance
  • Air dynamic and more binding power on ground when running in high speed due to its double-pyramid casing
  • Except for electric driving parts, all the rest can be constructed using common bicycle parts
  • Break the curse of “newer car harder to repair” by designing and building PyraCAR yourself
  • High capacity for personal touch and favoritism

Note that we have had two design sessions with our in-house 2D designer. Will choose to release 2D design drawings in membership area at a proper time. As for the metal fuel cell design, that remain to be our business secret. Considering the fact that we have so many types of batteries we can choose from, this will not be problem for most.

The following video shows Swincar that has four wheels that move indepently to each other:

The 10 Best Adult Tricycles: Amazing and Very different 3 wheeled bikes